Forbidden Knowledge Book

Forbidden Knowledge Book

Knowledge is power and the more you have the better you’ll be…especially when there is no one else around to guide you. The Forbidden Knowledge Book is packed with 101 things better left to only a few good men or women. Things like: How to become a porn star, How to beat a lie detector test, How to make moonshine, How to start a riot, How to create crop circles and How to perform an exorcism.

Forbidden Knowledge

You never know when a zombie might have the urge to eat some brains, so you better be able to tell if your neighbor is one.

101 things NOT everyone should know how to do

Don’t like your government policies? Maybe you should stage a coup?

Forbidden Knowledge Guide Book

Want to know how to start a riot? Yep…make moonshine? Sure…beat a lie detector test? You got it!True, if everyone knew how to do such things, the world may not be a better place. But for our readers, this is just the sort of Forbidden Knowledge that can transform their lives.Who couldn’t use a little more danger in their life? A little more edge? A little more fun? With “Forbidden Knowledge”, readers get it all. Featuring an edgy design, this book will be talked about for years to come – but may not be used as evidence in court!

  • All sorts of things THEY don’t want you to know about
  • Beat lie detectors, make moonshine, more!
  • Knowledge is power, friend

Learn what you parents and teachers never taught you with the Forbidden Knowledge Book available at for $12.95 and at from $6.84.

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