Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Fog-Free Shower Mirror

One thing that’s really annoying for me is when I step out of the shower after a long, hot one and realize that all the mirrors are fogged up. A normal fact of life, I guess, but with the Fog-Free Shower Mirror it really doesn’t have to be.

I know a lot of people who enjoy a good shave or two while inside the shower. That isn’t possible with a regular old mirror that fogs up, but that’s what the Fog-Free Shower Mirror is there for. Aside from letting you do whatever you need to do in front of the fog-free mirror, it also comes built with several compartments to hold your razor and other stuff. It also provides a bit of early morning entertainment too, since it also comes with an AM/FM radio.

Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Hot water opens the pores and softens the skin, which makes it much more comfortable to shave inside the shower. You’ll realize this as soon as you try it. You won’t have to remember to get the razor every time you get in the shower, because the Shower Mirror has a special compartment for it.

And, as if that weren’t enough, the Shower Mirror also has a digital clock (so you won’t loose track of time while you’re showering), and an AM/FM radio so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music or news show while you shower. It’s the perfect gift for men who enjoy pampering themselves!

The Fog-Free Shower Mirror is available from Curiosite for $28.53.

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