Fishbone Ice Tray

Fishbone Ice Tray

The coolest ice tray so far has got to be the Lego one, but this Fishbone Ice Tray ($10) is not too bad either. It’s made of high quality silicon and one tray will give you three four fishbone shaped ice cubes.

(Via Nerd Approved)

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Robert Birming

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8 Responses to “Fishbone Ice Tray”

  1. While it’s true that the tray will give you three ice cubes, it looks like it will also give you a bonus fourth cube!

  2. I have to stop writing news in the middle of the night. 🙂

    Thanks Andy!

    Entry updated.

  3. Eventually the ultimate ice cube! Fun stuff! Haha.. Robert can’t count to four… 😉 Sweet.

  4. how to buy it? i’m interested..can somebody help me..?
    btw i’m indonesian 😀

  5. Please follow the link in the news above to buy the Fishbone Ice Tray.

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