Firefly Serenity Cutaway Poster Set

Firefly Serenity Cutaway Poster Set

GeekAlerts has shown you the strong, smart, beautiful and warrior women of Firefly with the Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set and now you can get a closer look at the spacecraft from the show with the Firefly Serenity Cutaway Poster Set.

This four poster set includes cutaway diagrams of the Firefly and its supporting vessels, each poster measuring 32″ x 24″. Keep the memories alive and enjoy watching Malcolm Reynolds and his crew in the 14 episodes that we have while the serenity posters adorn your room.

Firefly Serenity Poster

Three years in the making, the Serenity Architectural Cutaways contain everything you ever wanted to know or see of Serenity, her shuttles and the Flying Mule. And we mean everything. The cutaways are presented on four extra-large, 32″ x 24” full-color lithographs, suitable for framing or just drooling over hour after hour. The hand-painted cutaways are packed with literally thousands of never-before-seen elements of the Firefly-class transport’s design.

In addition to all the technical detail exposed in these 3-D cutaways, every inch of Serenity is decorated with the possessions of her crew. You’ll find hundreds of personal effects throughout the ship – from Jayne’s Vera to Inara’s favorite incense holder – it’s all here, in meticulously hand-painted detail.

Firefly Serenity Cutaway Poster Set

  • Four poster set of 3D cutaway diagrams of Firefly and supporting vessels
  • Each poster 32 inches wide by 24 inches tall
  • Full of tiny diagrams and easter eggs for every Firefly fan to find
  • So very pretty…

You can purchase the posters at for $39.99 and you can learn more at the designer’s site, Now at

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