Fight Club Soap

Fight Club Soap

Everyone who’s seen Fight Club or has at least seen one of the movie’s posters will instantly recognize the Fight Club Soap. With an ultra-feminine pink color and the words “Fight Club” boldly featured on the soap’s face, fans will most likely be keeping this soap in their collections rather than use it for washing their hands.

It’s has a price tag that’s steeper than most of the other bars of soap you can find in the grocery store, but it’s fun to splurge in memorabilia once in a while, especially from movies that were able to make an impact on you (as it did to me.) For soap that you can actually use, check out the literal “Hand” Soap or the extremely disgusting Poop Soap.

Fight Club Soap

So freshen up your ideas and maybe change your life with Fight Club Soap. Modeled on the iconic bar from the cult movie’s posters, this lurid pink bar is not – and we can’t stress this enough – made using stolen human fat. Sure, it may well be the richest, creamiest fat in the world but the labeling is a nightmare.

So instead, you can enjoy this lightly-scented, lipo-free equivalent with the only questionable ingredient being caffeine. That’s right; caffeine. It’s like a perfumed punch in the face, first thing in the morning and a great way to freshen up for a night on the tiles (or the floor of Lou’s basement).

Fight Club Soap is available from Firebox for £12.99 ($20.)

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