Fast Fingers 3-in-1 Keyboard

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Fast Fingers USB Keyboard

The “Fast Fingers” USB keyboard gives you three options for how to use the keys.

Hit the ‘ABC’ button and you will be able to write with the keys in an alphabetical order. Disable the ABC’ button and you can start typing as with a standard QWERTY keyboard. And finally, the ‘F’ key enables IM abbreviations like “LOL” via the function keys.

The Fast Fingers Keyboard is yours for $27.95 through the official website.

(Chip Chick via SlipperyBrick)

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4 Responses to “Fast Fingers 3-in-1 Keyboard”

  1. Yer, pretty lame idea. Just learn to touch type…

  2. 22 year using qwerty keyboards and now change the system…no way!

  3. virtual world games for kids Reply April 15, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    I like the idea of the ‘F’ keys! Can use it for emoticons on MSN i guess.

    It’s convenient to have those short cut keys.

    Don’t really like the idea of the ABC keyboard though. I guess i’ll only be able to type fast at home if i try to get use to the ABC format.

    I’d prefer to stick with my QWERTY. 🙂

  4. An innovative idea but definitely only for beginners in computers. Can’t really be useful for veteran typists or gamers. But still, useful in some applications such as industrial applications.

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