Esme Perfume Pendant

Esme Perfume Pendant

It’s always fun to see accessories and other stuff get reinvented with dual purposes for the wearer, like pendants. They’re perfect to hang on necklaces but they’re even better if you can also use them for something else, like the X Micro Video MP3 Player pendant that plays videos and audio files. Then there’s the Esme Perfume Pendant that keeps you smelling fresh and good all day with your favorite fragrance.

When closed, the Esme Perfume Pendant is a bejeweled, oblong-shaped pendant that looks extremely girly and adorable. Open it up and you’ll discover that it hides a perfume pod that you can fill with your favorite perfume before heading out. So whenever you need to freshen up, just open the pendant up and roll away.

Esme Perfume Pendant

Esme Perfume Pendant

Whether you’re stuck behind your office desk or being twirled around a dance floor, make sure you always smell divine with the Esme Perfume Pendant. Dressed up or down, this bond-style bit of bling actually contains a hidden perfume pod. Fill it with your favorite fragrance before you leave the house and it’ll always be on hand for a quick spritz.

Perfect for freshening up between meetings (or margaritas), the Esme Perfume Pendant comes in a color to suit all styles. The enameled body is encrusted with crystals for that extra sparkle and comes on a 30 inch silver chain.

The Esme Perfume Pendant is available from Firebox for £19.99.

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