Envelope X-Ray Spray

Envelope XRay Spray

You get tons of mail crammed in your mailbox every week but do you really want to waste time ripping open all those envelopes just do discover junk mail? Envelope X-Ray Spray saves you those few precious seconds, which can really add up when you add them all together.

Forget about steaming open envelopes over a pan of boiling water because that is pure old-school… and it takes more time than simply ripping open the letter. This nifty spray turns opaque paper transparent for 30 seconds, letting you take a quick peek at the contents before returning to its non-see-through state.

The spray doesn’t leave any markings or discoloration, and it’s friendly towards the environment because it doesn’t contain freon. One 6.25″ x 2″ can treats several hundred square inches of paper.

Of course, using this on anyone’s mail without their permission is a no-no so this is mostly a novelty item but you’re free to spray your own mail to your heart’s content.

Envelope X-Ray Spray is available for $14.49 at Amazon.com.

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