Emergency Googly Eyes Kit

Emergency Googly Eyes Kit

If you’re a perpetual goofball, then there’s no telling when you’re going to need to bust out a pair of googly eyes from your Emergency Googly Eyes Kit.

Liven up inanimate objects you use every day by adhering a set of googlies to them and watch your frown turn upside-down. Sometimes life gets lonely and we need to create our own friends. For example, do what Tom Hanks did in “Castaway” when he was stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a volleyball. He had to draw in Wilson’s eyes, but had he kept a stash of emergency googlies, he might’ve had more fun.

Emergency Googly Eyes Kit

  • Tin full of adhesive googly eyes.
  • The tin contains 20 pairs of eyes measuring between 1.3 and 3 cm (0.5 and 0.75 inches) in diameter.
  • Eye Colors: white background with black pupils.

Googly eyes can help pull you through tough times, too. Just been through a bad breakup? Stick emergency googly eyes on old photos of your ex. If you’re feeling down at work, stick some googlies on your computer screen. Are you tired of looking at the same campaign poster every day? Emergency googlies.

Get the Emergency Googly Eyes Kit in a spectacular googly-eyed tin for £8.37 or 9,85€ at Curiosite or for $5.39 at Amazon.

Also check out the Googly Eyes Clock.

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