Electronic Guitar T-shirt

Electronic Guitar T-shirt

This Electronic Guitar T-shirt is a slight twist on the Electric Guitar T-shirt we’ve blogged about before. It is a real guitar, not a toy that only plays a few pre-recorded riffs. Rather, it is much more like a real guitar in that you can play your favorite songs using all the major chords. Have a friend get the Electronic Synthesizer T-Shirt and start a band!

Electric Guitar ShirtDon’t look like a fool playing air guitar, when you can play the electric guitar right on your tee shirt. With this shirt you strum with a magnetic pick over the guitar “strings,” and the shirt picks up the sound and plays it back over the mini-amp that clips on your belt.

12 guitar chords are playable via this electric guitar t-shirt including: B, E, A#, D#, A, D, G#, C#, G, C, F & F#. The mini amplifier box has a volume adjustment and tone controls. There is also an audio jack so you can play over external loudspeakers.

You can easily remove the electronics from the shirt, to make hand washing this 100% cotton shirt a snap. It comes in small, medium, large, and extra large size, and requires 4 AAA batteries.

This Electronic Guitar T-shirt is available for US $61.75 at LatestBuy.com.au.

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  1. Its a little more expensive than the synth t-shirt, but i have to buy it. ^^

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