Earthworm Gummies

Earthworm Gummies

Hardly anybody gets grossed out while eating gummy worms. They’re colorful, chewy and satisfying. I might have a few reservations about eating the World’s Largest Gummy Worm in public, but at home, it would be a goner believe you me. The Giant Gummy Brain? Well, I’d have to be pretty hungry. Here’s another gummy that’s effective when it comes to grossing people out: the realistic-looking Earthworm Gummies.

Earthworm Gummies

Kids will love to creep out adults with these Realistic Gummy Earthworms! Use as fun treats on candy apples or use as fun edible Halloween decorations!

  • 31 Realistic Gummy Earthworms.
  • Worms Come in 1 lb Bag.
  • Fat Free.
  • Root Beer Flavor.
  • Individually Wrapped.

Add this to your Halloween bowl stash and I guarantee the little trick-or-treaters will be gobbling up these murky brown wigglies first. If you like root beer, maybe you’ll want to get a bag to reward yourself every now and then. Since they’re individually packaged, that might deter you from devouring the entire bag in one sitting. But rather than indulging in private, they are best used for disturbing the squeamish folk. Man, if only that kid in How to Eat Fried Worms had these gummies for backup.

A one-pound bag of Earthworm Gummies is $8.00 at Oriental Trading Company and runs from $8.99 to $14.97 on Amazon.

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