Earphones Headband

The Runner's Earphones Headband

Are you a sporty geek who likes to wear headbands and listen to music while working out? If so, you’ll like the Earphones Headband that streamlines your athletic look and on-the-go audio logistics.

 The Runner’s Earphones Headband

  • Speakers’ 48″ cord connects to any audio device equipped with a 1/8″ jack, such as an iPod.
  • Made from breathable, recycled polyester, the headband wicks away moisture, spreading it out on the surface of the fabric, keeping its wearer’s head dry.
  • Speakers are easily removed for machine washing the headband.
  • Headband stretches to fit most head sizes.
  • Blue. (4 oz.)

Notice how the Earphones Headband cord is positioned in back of your body. The cords of conventional headphones usually lie in front of the body, getting in the way and all tangled up. Also, most in-ear headphones run the risk of falling out during moments of turbulence. With this bright blue headband, fogettaboutit! Sweat dripping into your eyes? Fogettabouthat too!

The Earphones Headband is $39.95 at Hammacher Schelemmer.  These devices are also awesome for amphibious geeks: the H2O Audio Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband and the H2O Surge Sportwrap Waterproof Headphones.

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