Ducti Utility High Voltage Messenger Bag

High Voltage Messenger Bag

Women are attracted to dangerous guys. You could ride a motorcycle to show your bad boy side, but then you might end up hurting yourself. Road rash is not attractive or fun. Besides, it is so much easier to just buy one of these High Voltage Messenger Bags. The bright orange stripe with the bold “High Voltage” lettering will provide you with an air of danger as you walk down the street. Sure you’ll frighten away the kids, but you’ll attract the women….or at least that’s the plan.

Ducti Messenger Bag

These Ducti Utility High Voltage Messenger Bags feature 7 pockets, giving you room to store your books, cell phone, pens, and gadgets. Reinforcing rivets strengthen the construction, and the should strap is adjustable.

Ducti Messenger Bags

If high voltage isn’t your style, there are two other models to choose from. One has yellow police tape that reads “POLICE LINE” while the other has red tape that says “DANGER.”

Danger Police Line Messenger Bags

Ducti Utility Messenger Bags

  • 7 Pockets
  • Reinforcing Rivets
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • 27 Linear Inches
  • Size 13″ x 10″ x 4″

Order the Ducti Utility Messenger Bag in High Voltage, Police Line, or Danger versions for $39.99 with free shipping from Buy.com.

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