Dual Dark Walnut Wooden Docking Station

Dual Walnut Wooden Docking Station

Hi-tech hangs out with Mother Nature, and the Dual Dark Walnut Wooden Docking Station proves to everyone that your life isn’t all wrapped up in plastic and touchscreens.

There are a lot of modern and futuristic-looking docking stations on the market but it’s hard for even versatile plastic to match the rustic charm of real wood. This walnut docking station is designed with two docking spaces, and enough space is provided to let your iPad (or other tablet) rest in either portrait or landscape mode. Rounded dips in front of the home buttons allow for easy access while your phone/iPod/tablet/eReader is docked, and felt lining in the slots make sure your gadgets don’t get scratched up. The docking station itself also has a felt lining on the bottom to insure that your workspace doesn’t get scratched up, either.

Dual Dock Dark Walnut Wooden Docking Station

  • Works with all Apple products, Android tablets and phones, Kindle Fire, Nook, Microsoft Surface, and Windows phones.
  • Universal entry points for any style charging cables
  • Works with any iOS device plus Android and Windows phones and tablets

The Dual Dock Dark Walnut Wooden Docking Station is available for $55 at NotchedArt’s Etsy store.

(via Red Ferret)

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