Drinkwel: The Multivitamin for People Who Drink


Almost all the parties I’ve been to lately have served up some mean drinks at the end of the night. Beer, wine, vodka, gin–I stop after one bottle or two shots, but that’s because I’m not a very huge drinker to begin with. But I have this cousin, though, who literally drinks the night away (but he doesn’t drive, of course.) So when I saw Drinkwel: The Multivitamin for People Who Drink, I immediately knew who needed it.

The Drinkwel: The Multivitamin for People Who Drink is especially recommended for people who can down the contents of a beer-filled 80-Ounce Beer Belly in one sitting.

Drinkwel: The Multivitamin for People Who Drink

Drinkwel is the 1st daily multivitamin created specifically for healthy people who drink. Its ingredients replenish nutrients, support healthy liver function, help process alcohol induced toxins, and more. Our 30-ingredient multivitamin was created by two UC Berkeley graduates and was formulated by two different doctors – a Ph.D in Biomedical Science and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf and other botanicals to support liver health.
  • Amino acids to help process alcohol induced toxins.
  • Superfruits that help neutralize free radicals.
  • Vitamin B-Complex to aid metabolism and maintain energy.
  • Vitamin C to support immune system function.

Drinkwel: The Multivitamin for People Who Drink is available from Amazon for $45.95.

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