Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets

Dress Up Squirrel Magnets

The best way to make squirrels pay for all the havoc they wreak is to make them dress up for different occasions. When you have a set of Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets, you get to have a little harmless revenge on them.

Forget Kung Fu Panda, here’s Kung Fu Squirrel! I don’t know if squirrels really know kung fu, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got the art of ninjitsu down pat. You get five outfits in the set, but you also get a Santa hat and beard, leprechaun hat, Uncle Sam Hat and angel wings and halo for a total of nine different looks. You can definitely handcraft your own outfits for the squirrel, such as a nice STL Cardinals’ uniform. This rodent can be anything you want him to be.

Dress Up Squirrel Magnets

Squirrels are always trying to think of ways they can get closer to birdfeeders without anyone noticing. Clever little creatures that they are, our fine-furred friend has 5 assorted outfits he can don before he drops-by the nearest feeder. Fun for your refrigerator door or file cabinet. Small Parts. Ages 8+.

Scurry over to Skymall to get your Dress-Up Squirrel Magnets for $9.95 a set.

Ninja squirrels are quite frightening but not nearly as disturbing as the Squirrel Mask. It’s enough to make anyone drop their acorns.

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