Dr Who Cybernetics Kit

Dr Who Cybernetics

Hey Doctor Who fans, are you ready to get your hands a little dirty? The Dr Who Cybernetics Kit allows you to dive right into the world of your favorite doctor and build your own working Cyberman head. With the included circuitry, you can build three different working configurations: Infra Red Mode, Object Sensitive Mode, and Light Sensitive Mode.

In each mode your Cyberman head will require a different means of activation. In infra red mode you can use your TV remote to activate the head, while object sensitive mode requires motion to activate it and light sensitive mode requires light for activation.

Dr Who Cybernetics KitDr Who Cybernetics kit

  • Create your own moving Cyber-head
  • Join the correct wiring circuits and use your TV remote control to bring the head to life
  • Three ways to set it up: Infra red sensitive, Object sensitive, Light sensitive
  • Measures approximately 28.1cm(L) x 16.80cm(W) x 10cm(H)
  • 2x AA batteries – not included

You can purchase the Dr Who Cybernetics Kit at Firebox for £24.99 with free delivery.

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  1. I’m sorry… but the whole “batteries not included” kinda makes or breaks it. If they didn’t want to include batteries, they should have never made the product to begin with.

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