Domo Sculpted Mug

Domo Mug

For Domo fans there is nothing better than waking up to nice warm cup of coffee or tea in this Domo Sculpted Mug. Imagine waking around you home in the Domo Hoodie, with your Domo Hat, and possible even carrying your Domo Mustache Plush Toy, all while sipping on a warm morning drink from your Domo Mug.

Sure, that may sound like an overload of Domo, but have you seen the guy? Hatched from an egg with a large, saw-toothed mouth, it’s hard to get enough of him and his fascinating expression. This ceramic textured mug gives you a chance to bring Domo with your to the office to help get you through the work week.

Pre-order your Domo Sculpted Mug now at Entertainmentearth for $14.99 and remember not to feed him any apples.

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  1. i live in Indonesia,,how can I get those domo mug??

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