Doggy Snack Pack

Doggy Snack Pack

So you’re sitting in your living room, watching a rerun of the Super Bowl and stuffing handfuls of popcorn into your mouth, when your dog trots toward you with an expectant look. Not all human food is fit for dogs, but who says your canine best friend can’t enjoy some good old popcorn as well? Share your favorite TV watching treat by getting one of these Doggy Snack Packs.

The Doggy Snack Packs are doggy popcorn that come in three tasty flavors: pizza, chicken, or liver, just how your dog would like it.

Now who says dogs can’t have the best of both worlds? They sure can, while they’re with you anyway!

Doggy Snack Pack

Well, to correct this injustice and give movie-loving dogs the snacks they deserve, we’ve found the Doggy Snack Pack. Created just for dogs, this collection of tasty treats includes two tubs of 100% naturally flavoured popcorn in lip-smacking chicken or liver. Yum! What’s more, the third tub is a whole other taste sensation, bringing together chicken, cheese, herb and cranberry (cranberry?) in pizza-shaped biscuits.

Far more fun than a boring old bone, the Doggy Snack Pack is ideal – when they’re not watching movies – for training and the occasional treat.

The Doggy Snack Pack is available for pre-order from Firebox for £9.99 with free delivery.

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