Dog Stapler

Dog Stapler

Dog staplers come in all different kind of shapes and sizes. We have covered one earlier here at GeekAlerts and you might also have seen this other model. If that’s not enough, now you have yet another one to choose from.

When this dog bites, your work is done. The slightest design touches turn the trusty metal hand stapler into a grinning pup, with bright chrome eyes and flung-back long ears. Fits standard staples.

The Dog Stapler is made of painted steel and measures 7,5 inches in length. The product is available through the What on Earth website for $6.95.

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2 Responses to “Dog Stapler”

  1. Looks like good stuff, and the price is right 🙂

    Rebecca White

  2. This is such a great idea for a stapler! Who knew their was a resemblance?

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