Dog-Sahped Cloth Lint Remover is Scary

Dog-Sahped Cloth Lint Remover

I don’t know if this cloth lint remover is meant to be fun and cute. If that is the idea, then I would have to say that the design team has failed big time.

To me it looks scary, like a poor dog with a gas mask. And if that wasn’t enough, take a look below to see where the charging cable goes.

The dog-shaped Rechargeable Cloth Lint Remover measures 6.5 x 2.17 x 3.39 inches and is available for $9 over at Deal Extreme.

Dog-Sahped Cloth Lint Remover

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2 Responses to “Dog-Sahped Cloth Lint Remover is Scary”

  1. I think I’ve seen better ideas too.

  2. I may disagree with you. I like this design and it’s very cute. It may attract many young housewives like me to take it home.

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