Doctor Who TARDIS Over-The-Knee Socks


I’m sure you’ve got plenty of geeky socks; but if you want to add another great pair to that collection, check out these very cool Doctor Who TARDIS Over-The-Knee Socks. They are perfect for ladies that want to stay warm while wearing a skirt this winter.

Show your love for the Doctor’s Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine with these 72% acrylic, 26% polyester and 2% spandex over-the-knee socks.

Get a leg up on a fun look with these Doctor Who over-the-knee socks! The Doctor Who TARDIS Ruffle Cuff Ladies OTK Socks are black with ruffle cuffs at the top and blue heel turns and toes, and they fit ladies shoe sizes 4-10. The “Doctor Who” and “DW” logos are printed along the inside of the foot section in gray letters, and each knee features a blue image of a TARDIS time machine, with the word “TARDIS” below in white letters.

  • 72% Acrylic 26% Polyester 2% Spandex
  • Top to Heel: 25.5 Inches / Heel to Toe: 8 Inches

Stay warm and enjoy the Doctor Who TARDIS Over-The-Knee Socks available at Hot Topic for $10.50, for $9.99 and at for $12.99.

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