Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Kit

Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Kit

Did the Doctor just appear in your kitchen? You’ll think so with the Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Kit, but don’t pack your bags just yet because this TARDIS can’t take you through time or space, although it can help you from getting hungry when you watch Doctor Who on TV.

Form meets function meets fandom with this custom kit that transforms your humble refrigerator into the most awesome time machine that has ever existed. Your friends won’t be able to resist asking if it’s bigger on the inside when they wander to the kitchen for a snack.

The kit includes everything that’s needed to create the familiar blue police box in your kitchen, including the ‘Police Box’ sign, the peak roof, and a working beacon.

While the basic kit looks awesome enough on its own, you can also add options like an Ice Maker Telephone Door, a sound module that can trigger a variety of sound effects when you open the door, and a Side Skin that completes the illusion with a wraparound look.

Each kit is custom-made and designed to fit your refrigerator.

You can get the basic Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Kit for $185 at

(via That’s Nerdalicious)

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  2. Ho my god I love your Doctor Who Fridge it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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