Doctor Who Onesies

Doctor Who Onesies

It’s important to get the little ones on the right track as soon as possible, and letting them wear the Doctor Who Onesies will go a long way to getting them used to a life filled with Doctors and a blue box that can take them anywhere through time and space.

While your little Time Lords will be somewhat limited with the Doctors they can imitate, you can rest easy knowing that two of the more popular ones are easy to include in their wardrobe.

They might not have the hair of the Tenth Doctor (but then, who does?), but pulling off David Tennant’s stylish striped suit look can be easily managed, and bow ties are cool, even if strained peas are not, when you decide to let your Time-Lord-in-training imitate Matt Smith’s colorful style for the Eleventh Doctor.

The onesies, which are made with soft organic cotton knit fabric, come in sizes for both newborns and for months 3 through 6.

The Doctor Who Onesies are available for $25-$30 at Ciche Mom’s Etsy store, where you can also select onesies for Star Trek and Harry Potter fans.

(via The MarySue)

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Marty Shaw is a Texas-based writer, who is addicted to geeky gadgets and all things Doctor Who-related. When he's not trying to figure out a creative way to hitch a ride in the TARDIS, he imagines what it would be like to live through a zombie apocalypse as an uncool version of Daryl Dixon.

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  1. I’m the maker 🙂 Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for writing these up! I love the exposure.


  2. I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. if only they had matching pants! but over all great i can’t wait for my son to wear this when he’s out

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