Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS

Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS

You’ve seen the Doctor Who Flight Control TARDIS Motion Activated Model, which is a very cool toy for any Whovian, but it lacks the POW! that would come from seeing the TARDIS actually float and spin in mid-air. The Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS fixes that problem… but it doesn’t fix the busted-up chameleon circuit so it’s still stuck in the shape of a blue phone box.

This wickedly cool version of the TARDIS uses magic – Oops! I mean magnets – to let everyone’s favorite time machine defy the laws of gravity and float above the black base unit. Give it a little tap to set the TARDIS spinning on its axis. Give it a big tap and watch it crash to the floor; better hope it doesn’t break or the Dalek that’s trapped inside will get out… and it won’t be happy.

Product Specifications:

  • TARDIS floats like magic in mid-air with the power of magnets
  • Dimensions: approx. five inches tall
  • Requires 6AA batteries (not included)

Impress your friends, impress your neighbors, and impress yourself with a real Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS from ThinkGeek for $34.99.

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