Doctor Who iPhone 4 Cases

Doctor Who Dalek & TARDIS  iPhone 4 Case

Who needs a phone when you have a TARDIS? Problem is, I don’t have a TARDIS and if the good Doctor didn’t either, I’m sure he would have an iPhone 4. Since none of us are going to be time traveling anytime soon, we might as well show our love for Doctor Who with the Doctor Who iPhone 4 Cases. These hard cover cases come in three choices: TARDIS, Dalek, and the 11th Doctor. Make the Doctor proud and get your iPhone 4 ready for the future with this cool case.

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor iPhone 4 Case

Supplies are very limited and the BBC America Shop is set to unload the Dalek and Eleventh Doctor on 9/30/2011 and the TARDIS on 10/31/2011. Get your Doctor Who iPhone 4 Case in Dalek, TARDIS, or Eleventh Doctor for $29.98.

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  1. Hey there,
    The link takes me through to the BBC America page, but there’s no way I can buy the item. Have they sold out? Will I be able to buy the TARDIS one once it’s October 31st?

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