Doctor Who: David Tennant As The Tenth Doctor Maxi-Bust

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Maxi-Bust

When it comes to Doctor Who, everyone has their favorite, and mine can now be brought home in the form of the Doctor Who: David Tennant As The Tenth Doctor Maxi-Bust. Can I get an Allons-y from others that are just as excited as I am?

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with Matt Smith’s bow-tie-wearing Time Lord, but Tennant currently reigns in my mind as the ultimate Doctor Who, with his long coat and blue suit appearing rather ordinary when compared to some of the outlandish outfits worn by other incarnations, but still looking more stylish than the Ninth Doctor.

It doesn’t hurt that Tennant also toted what I consider to be coolest sonic screwdriver, which is also depicted with the Maxi-Bust. Other sonics always struck me as a bit clunky, often making me wonder how anyone could tote them in a pocket, but this little silver beauty is sleek and streamlined for transport.

The 8-inch-tall Doctor Who: David Tennant As The Tenth Doctor Maxi-Bust is available for $89.99 at

Of course, you might prefer the Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection Third Doctor Premium Bust if you’re an old-school Whovian or the Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection 8th Doctor Maxi Bust if you’d like to celebrate the Doctor that had the shortest reign in the series’ history.

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