Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

There’s been some wacky clothes worn by the various incarnations of Doctor Who, but the Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt is styled after the understated, yet still stylish, wardrobe of the Ninth Doctor, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.

Ninth Doctor WhoIf you love all things Who, but have always been a bit hesitant about following in the good Doctor’s footsteps when it comes to clothing, the 9th Doctor is the perfect Time Lord to model yourself after. Forget floppy hats, mile-long scarves, or outdated styles. You don’t even have to bother with a bowtie with this fellow. Of course, you can also get some t-shirt stylings with the 4th through 7th Doctors, if your tastes run a little bit to the odder side of things.

As sharp as the 9th Doctor’s outfit looks, some of us don’t live in environments with weather that welcomes a leather jacket very often so this t-shirt is as close to the Doctor’s style as we can get… unless we want to melt under the summer sun… which I don’t recommend.

You can slip into some Whovian style while still staying comfortable with the Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt for £16.99 (approximately $26.73) at

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