DIY Shower Curtain

DIY Shower Curtain

In the market for a new shower curtain but haven’t found out that just screams “you”? You aren’t a fan of ducks (so the Shadow of the Duck just won’t do) and you aren’t a fan of Chemistry (so the Periodic Table Shower Curtain just won’t cut it either). So why don’t you create and customize your own shower curtain with the DIY Shower Curtain?

Go ahead and draw, doodle, and personalize your shower curtain however you want to. Want a checkerboard curtain? Or one that’s filled with swirls and circles? How about one that has your name on it or bears a warning to peeping toms to keep away? All of these are possible designs because with this curtain, you’re the one who’s in charge.

DIY Shower Curtain

Have you had trouble finding the shower curtain that you like? Now there is a perfect solution to that problem. This shower curtain comes complete with permanent black marker to Draw-It-Yourself. Unlike other shower curtains made of vinyl, DIY Shower Curtain will not off-gas in your home. Also unlike vinyl, it breathes – making it less likely to grow gross mold and mildew. It’s stronger than vinyl and it can be recycled. For best results, draw on the shiny side. Let it dry completely before using.

Unleash your creativity to the world, one bathroom at a time. You can get the DIY Shower Curtain for $33 from Poketo.

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