Diva Washing Up Sponge

Diva Washing Sponge

Doing the dishes isn’t exactly one of my most favorite chores to do. However, the dishes must be washed, and when you’re on dish duty, you’ve got to take off your rings and hope your manicure survives through all the plates and utensils.

To make the entire chore seem less of an actual drag, you can try mixing things up by using the Diva Washing Up Sponge. You won’t become an actual diva while using it to scrub away the grime off the plates, although you’ll probably have a bit more fun while you do so.

The diva is the latest to join the family of quirky sponges GeekAlerts has seen so far, like the Pacman Kitchen Sponge and Splash Pop Sponge.

Diva Washing Up SpongeDiva Sponge

When it comes to sexy scrubbers and designer dishcloths… well, there aren’t any. Or so we thought, until we found the Diva Washing Up Sponge.

Great for getting right to the bottom of mugs and glasses, the Diva Washing Up Sponge will also stand perfectly upright when not in use. And with her big shades and even bigger barnet, this sultry, soapy starlet will whip your dishes into shape faster than you can say “Disco Inferno.”

The Diva Washing Up Sponge is available for pre-order from Firebox for £5.99 ($9.)

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