Discovery Motor Works Functional Engine Model

Discovery Motor Works Functional Engine Model

Do you know how a motor works? You can learn exactly how with the Discovery Motor Works Functional Engine Model. While they might have had kids in mind when they created this product, it would also be educational fun for adults. Besides, most adults don’t really know how their car engine works either.

Discovery Motor Works is a functional model of an engine that allows you to look inside and learn how an internal combustion engine works. After you’ve figured it all out, it still can serve as a pretty sweet looking gadget to leave on your desk.

Motor Works demonstrates how the engine became one of the most important inventions of modern times. Discover all the intricacies and inner workings of this technological marvel in this realistic, functional Motor Works model. A stimulating, rewarding challenge for those who want to know how a motor really works.

Discovery Motor Works normally costs $39.95 at, but it is currently on sale for just $19.99. Plus if you order by December 2, 2012, you can save and extra 45% off with Discovery Store Coupon Code CYBERWK. This brings the final price down to just $10.99–a remarkable bargain!

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