Disco Ball Mug

Disco Mug

The best part of waking up is having a disco cup. If you are anti-mornings, then you probably go to great lengths to find ways that’ll make the AM a little more manageable. The Disco Ball Mug, filled with extra-strong coffee, is a great prop to send you off with a bright and shiny outlook for the day.

Get your groove on!
Turn tea time into disco time with this super cool Disco Mug. It’s got a disco-ball finish that’s straight off the dance floor and is guaranteed to turn any humble hot drink into a disco-tastic extravaganza! Each sip will make you feel like dancing!

  • The perfect mug for any Disco-Queens – or Kings!
  • Classic disco-ball finish
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Do not microwave

Work hard, play hard. That’s the rhythm of life. Getting to the end of the week isn’t always easy, but a fully-loaded disco mug will get you one step closer to Saturday Night Fever. Of course, Mondays come fast at you like a curve ball, which is why you might also want to add the Monday Mug to your repertoire. It also helps to have beans that aim to please, like the Maple Bacon Flavored Coffee.

The Disco Mug is available at I Want One of Those for £7.99 as well as Amazon for $9.99.

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