DiscGear Selector 80S Disc Retrieval System

DiscGear Selector 80S

Maybe you’ve seen the sophisticated 120 Disc Archive Vault a while back, which was a cool concept. Now it has a tougher, more modern-looking counterpart, the DiscGear Selector 80S, that holds 80 discs and looks like something Agent 007 would use to organize top-secret footage of his lady friends.

Get rid of those space-hogging DVD boxes and CD cases and get your favorite discs in order, with the help of the slide-out index. The selector operates by use of a one-touch disc retrieval system. By labeling each disc’s location on the numerical index and placing the disc in the corresponding slot, you can then select your disc by use of the slider. Open the lid and your disc of choice will present itself. How’s that for slick?

Disc Gear Selector 80S

DiscGear Selector 80S Features:

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Holds and protects 80 discs
  • Patented disc retrieval system
  • Self-aligning slots
  • Slide out disc index system
  • Measures approximately 15cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 30cm(D)

The DiscGear Selector 80S can be purchased at Firebox for £19.99 in Black or Silver. The Silver model is also available for $21.95 at Office Depot.

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