Dinosaur ZipBin Bring Along Dark Green Backpack

Dinosaur ZipBin Bring Along Dark Green Backpack

This Dinosaur ZipBin Bring Along Dark Green Backpack is the only way to carry your toy dinosaurs, action figures, cars, LEGO bricks or anything else.

This backpack looks like and is shaped like a dinosaur’s head. Enough said right there. You had me at dinosaur head. However, that’s not all it does. It opens to reveal a prehistoric landscape with a jungle, tar pit, volcano, and a lava-filled gorge. It is exactly what you need for your dinosaurs to roam around on.

When you are done playing, it becomes a backpack again in a zip, with your toys inside. This awesome backpack is $19.99 fatEntertainment Earth and $14.99 at Walmart.com.

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