Dinosaur Party Ice Cube Tray / Jello Mold

fossiliced dinosaur ice cube tray

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few remnants of them in your drink every now and then. Just use these Dinosaur Party Ice Cube Tray / Jello Molds and when they melt away they will go extinct all over again.

Fossil Iced Dinosaur Party Ice Cube Tray

This tray comes in either T-Rex or Stegosaurus and makes 6 ice cubes or jello molds per tray. It is a flexible, food-safe rubber tray and makes for great party fun. It’s like making your own short lasting fossils.

FOSSILICED – ice for any age
Need to dig up a clever party accessory? Look no further
than our ice-cold fossils – these two assorted dinos will
add the perfect Ice Age touch to your modern drinks.
Snappy recyclable clear box.

They are only $8.63 from Amazon.com. They are also available for $8.99 at Retro Planet.

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  1. Just wanted to point out that that’s a Triceratops, not Stegosaurus.

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