Digital Mickey Mouse Photo Frame

Digital Mickey Mouse Photo Frame

Yes, it’s Mickey time again. Last week we saw the Mickey Mouse Glove USB Flash Drive, and now the Japanese company Sega Toys has announced yet another gadget inspired by the popular Disney mouse; a digital photo frame.

In the same style as the Mickey Mouse USB Flash Drive, this portable frame is shaped like Mickey’s head. It features a 1.5-inch large LCD screen and it can carry up to 49 pictures. The photos are easily transferred from a computer via USB.

Digital Mickey Mouse Photo Frames

The Digital Mickey Mouse Photo Frame is available in Japan in black, white, blue or pink. The product requires 2 x AA batteries and the price is 4935 Yen (about $50 USD).

(Newlaunches via Digital Drops)

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  2. I love mikeym0use

  3. Greatt post. It’s really amazing the products that are created around the Mickey Mouse theme. These photo frames are something else. I found a Mickey Mouse telephone on Amazon today, whatever next?

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