Devon Tread 1 Watch

Devon Tread 1 Watch

There are many luxury watches that look really cool, but they just aren’t technologically innovative like Japanese LED Watches. Introducing the exception: the Devon Tread 1 Watch. This revolutionary wristwatch has a patent pending system of interwoven Time Belts that are amazing to watch in action. The spinning belts and gears make this a dream watch for geeks and tech-fiends.

Although the Devon Tread 1 Watch is so different than typical watches, it is still simple and straightforward to tell time on it. This is a nice change from some Japanese LED watches that are tricky to read. Yet the Devon Tread1 is as eye-catching and mesmerizing as the best LED watches, as the belts spin to count out the seconds, minutes, and hours.

Devon Tread 1 Watch

Devon Tread 1 Watch

  • The Devon Tread 1 belt assemblies are mounted on a central chassis, which allows for the perfect clearance of the moving parts and also creates the illusion that the parts are floating within the case.
  • Four extremely compact microstep motors drive the movement of the four belts with efficiency, exacting power and steadfast accuracy.
  • The temperature-compensated crystal provides data to the onboard microprocessor that drives the four microstep motors.
  • The lubricant-free pulley system moves freely thanks to the integration of jeweled bearings.
  • The Tread 1 is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that will run for up to two weeks on a single charge.
  • The window into this mechanical masterpiece is a crystal produced from scratch-resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate with bullet-proof durability.
  • The five-piece case design is made from high-grade stainless steel produced in five elements through advanced CNC construction.

Devon Tread1 Watch

See this incredible watch in action in this Video. Then put it on your list of things to buy after you win the lottery.

Pre-order the Devon Tread 1 Watch for a mere £15,000 at and $12,495 at It is expensive, but features like glass-nylon belts, 4 compact micro-step motors, crystal shield encasing made of scratch-resistant bullet-proof polycarbonate, and wireless recharging technology.

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  1. This watch is not revolutionary.

  2. cool concept, still – would drain too much power with all the motors… i wouldnt want to recharge my watch too… not another gadget to recharge that is.

  3. i like watches yummy

  4. Awesome watch, would love to see this in action.

  5. I Whant Dovon Watch…..

  6. i saw in venice italy only 4700 euro .but i am not sure fake or not.

  7. I need to find a fake one but cant online. Anybody know where they can be found?

  8. heloo
    who many praise?

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