Desktop Air Conditioner

Desktop Air Conditioner

If you haven’t fallen for any of the fans we’ve covered, maybe you should try a Desktop Air Conditioner ($18) instead for your cooling needs.

Simply place a bottle of frozen water inside the chamber and you’re ready to stay cool. Requires 2 D batteries or 3V DC power adapter.

Product Description

  • Adjustable vent grill
  • Cools with water, not chemicals
  • Quiet operation
  • Condensation catch tray
  • Accepts most 1-pint water bottles, too
  • Measurements: 12 7/8″L x 6 7/8″W x 10 1/2″H
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5 Responses to “Desktop Air Conditioner”

  1. The idiots. If they would have made it powered by USB…

  2. It’s true Dan, of course they should’ve done that.

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