DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt

DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt

The Dark Knight has his intimidating outfit and super-cool Batmobile but it’s his utility belt that really sets him apart from everyone else. Now, with the DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt, you can be just like Adam West’s Batman in the popular 1966 TV series.

No matter what dangers faced the dynamic duo as the episode reached its cliffhanger ending, we knew the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder would be fine as long as Batman was able to reach his bright yellow belt. This 43-inch belt, designed to fit adults, might not hold all the wonderful toys that Batman tucked into his (no Bat shark repellant) but it does feature four pouches that open from the bottom, four opening tubes, and a 12-inch blue plastic Batarang that can be folded and stored in one of the pouches.

If you plan to fight crime, or just want to impress your Batman-loving friends, you can get the DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt for $125 at MattyCollector.com.

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