Dashboard Pole Dancer

Dashboard Pole Dancer

Warning: this product is only for those aged 18 and above. Okay, so that wasn’t a really serious warning, although I doubt that you’d want your three-year-old son to ask what the pretty lady in the red bikini is doing on your dashboard. What lady, you ask? Well, that lady on the Dashboard Pole Dancer that moves around on the pole with the flick of a switch.

So having a Dashboard Pole Dancer isn’t much at all like the real thing, which is seen as positive for many people and not-so-positive by some. But the entertainment factor is all the same, and if you ever find yourself down in the dumps, then maybe this lady made out of plastic might be able to cheer you up.

Dashboard Pole Dancer

Life has many lessons to teach. Despite the wild twists and turns you”ll encounter never lose momentum and never give up. That is why life is so much like this Dashboard Pole Dancer. She spins and twists to the harshest of turns, tribulations, and pothole encounters. Never faltering her graceful spin and tip conjuring shimmy. She glides like an angel in the sunlight and makes every trip like heaven. How she does it, the world may never know. Her Pole has an attached sticky square for adhesion anywhere. The vibrations of driving or music send her on a whirly- bender while you deal with another bender of sorts. Don”t ever drive alone again; bring the club with you everywhere you go.

The Dashboard Pole Dancer is available from Stupid.com for $10.49.

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