Dash: The Smartphone Car Stereo

Dash The Smartphone Car Stereo

Most people have wires that allow them to play songs from their iPhone or iPod on their car stereo. It’s a bit of a hassle having to switch from your music library to the radio or choose what song to play from your player while you’re driving. A neat solution that won’t break the bank? The up-and-coming Dash Smartphone Car Stereo.

This two-component system is basically the convergence of your car stereo and your smartphone. Aside from letting you access your media files, you’ll also be able to make phone calls, use your phone’s navigation software, and all the other apps you’ve got installed on it on this new interface.

Smartphone Car Stereo

Basically, your phone goes into the faceplate, which attaches on to the body which will replace your car stereo. The body is a standardized device that serves as the “brains” behind Dash, providing the¬†audio amplification and charging¬†capabilities.

The Dash: The Smartphone Car Stereo project is up for funding on Kickstarter. By making a minimum pledge of $250, you’ll be able to get your hands on a complete Dash system for your iPhone or Android.

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  1. First I was afraid you had bad taste in music but then I heard Johnny Cash, good man.

  2. Looks like the iPhone UI makes it a little tough to use the radio, think they might make an app for the radio to dl and turn on. Kinda like the pioneer appradio app.

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