Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re a writer, coder, or anyone else that is typing on a computer every day, you need a quality keyboard. When only the best will do, you get the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard. This isn’t about superficial enhancements, like the solid gold and diamond computers Saudi princes have been rumored to own; this is about superior engineering to provide speed, precision, comfort, accuracy, and durability in a computer keyboard.

I’ve always built my own computers, and I learned early on that you never want to skimp on input devices like keyboards and mice. There are components you can go cheap with, depending on your intended uses for the PC, but no matter what the use (gaming, email, writing, programming, etc.) you will regret it if you buy a cheap keyboard. With German-engineered mechanical key switches the Das Keyboard provides incredible tactile feel, clear audio feedback, and lightning quick response time. If this keyboard was sold by Hammacher.com, they would surely name it “The Best Computer Keyboard” and include it here.

Das Keyboard Professional Keyboard

Whether you’re looking for speed, precision, comfort or just the pleasing sound of world domination at your fingertips, this is the keyboard for you. Its high performance, mechanical key switch lets you know immediately that you’ve hit your mark, while the addictive crunch sound it gives you spurs you on to greater heights of genius.

Das Keyboard compares to the legendary IBM Model M. Its best-in-class, mechanical, gold-plated key switches provide a tactile and audio click that makes typing a pure joy.

Wicked-fast response time gives YOU the edge, whether it’s gaming, beating a co-worker to the punch with a report or coding that last bit of work for the afternoon. Your fingers (and ears) deserve a keyboard that works with them. After all, what else do you touch for hours each day?

Precision crafted for reliable operation and long life, Das Keyboard is designed to last up to 10 times longer than traditional keyboards. This premium quality product is recyclable which minimizes its environmental impact versus disposable keyboards.

Das Keyboard Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard

  • German-engineered mechanical key switches with gold contacts (Cherry MX brown)
  • Glossy black upper enclosure with blue LEDs and matching black USB cable – Darth Vader approved.
  • Enhanced 104-key layout with two Windows keys
  • Full n-key rollover with a PS2 adapter, and 6 keys with USB
  • Laser-etched key cap inscriptions to prevent fading

Order the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard for $129 with free shipping at Amazon.com. It is expensive, but it may be the best value since it is top-quality and “designed to last up to 10 times longer than traditional keyboards.”

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