Darth Vader Radio and CD Player

Darth Vader Radio and CD Player

Let’s start with the obvious – this Star Wars themed AM/FM radio and CD player won’t give you the ultimate sound experience. Still, this black and shiny gizmo, shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet, will make a nice piece of collectable for any Star Wars fan.

Apart from the radio and CD player, you also have the option to connect your MP3 player (at a guess, using a 3.5mm stereo audio plug). There are six visible buttons to control the music plus two placed inside the mouth of Anakin Skywalker’s alter ego – here you will find the controls for volume and eject.

Darth Vader Radio and CD Player

When a CD is playing, you can see the disc spin through the glowing eyes of Darth Vader, which are both illuminated by two red LEDs.

The Darth Vader Radio and CD Player (website in French) requires 6 x LR14 batteries and the product is available from Amazon.fr for 60 EUR (about $88 USD).

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