Darth Heisenberg Breaking Bad Giclee Print

Darth Heisenberg Breaking Bad Giclee Print

Walter White and Anakin Skywalker; just two decent guys that gave in to temptation and fell to the Dark Side. The Darth Heisenberg Breaking Bad Giclee Print offers a great artistic mash-up of the two characters that have more in common with each other than most would initially think.

In addition to ‘breaking bad,’ Anakin and Walter both eventually went for the bald look, and they both decided a change of name was needed when they adopted their new darker lifestyles, with Anakin becoming the feared Darth Vader and Walter becoming the feared Heisenberg. They also both proved the old adage, ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,’ because neither actually planned to become the dark characters they eventually evolved into. And of course, both are in the Empire business.

The hand-signed and dated Darth Heisenberg print, measuring 13-inches by 19-inches, is a full-bleed giclĂ©e print that’s printed on 300 gsm fine art rag with Chromolife 100 Archival Inks.

The Darth Heisenberg Breaking Bad Giclee Print is available for $45 at CastleMcQuade’s Etsy shop.

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