Dancing Flower for iPod

Dancing Flower for iPod

Remember those dancing flowers from the late 80s? I’m sure you do, if you were around at the time, they were impossible to avoid.

Now they’re back to hunt you down like hungry Triffids. This updated flower speaker from iSkins features a 3.5mm audio jack that lets you connect the groovy blossom to your MP3 player.

The product will be available this Christmas in two sizes; a 30cm (11.8in) version for £18.99 ($39) and a 73cm (28.7in) version for £34.99 ($72).

Dancing Flower for iPod

(Via Pocket-lint and Shiny Shiny)

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  1. I love those Dancing Flower for iPod.cute!

  2. omg these flowers r amazing 🙂 i love them me n mi friend both hav them n love them n their wiggle 😀 xxxx

  3. Where can I get the dancing flowers for an ipod?

  4. How u buy one

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