Customizable Blank White Mighty Muggs

Blank White Mighty Muggs

Maybe you’ve seen the Hasbro Mighty Muggs before online or on toy store shelves, most likely decked out as a beloved superhero or movie character. But did you know that there are Blank White Mighty Muggs that you can design yourself?

If you need a break from Star Wars or Marvel characters, why not create your own entirely new personality? Or maybe there’s an unsung hero in your life who deserves to be immortalized as a vinyl doll. Get out some Sharpies and make a Mighty Muggs of your personal hero.

Conversely, if you’ve got a wrongdoer in your life whom you can’t exactly beat up or “take care of” in a Tony Soprano type of way, why not turn your Blank White Mighty Muggs into a voodoo doll?

Mighty Muggs Customizable Blank White Vinyl Figure

  • Turn this great Mighty Muggs into anything you want!
  • Distinctively cute and decidedly collectible.
  • Blank white-vinyl figure for all your customizing needs.
  • Moving head and legs, too!

It’s a blank canvas with no rules. You can purchase Blank White Mighty Muggs at Entertainment Earth for $14.19 each.

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  1. Would like to see shot glases made from your product.

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