Cupcake Hand Cream

Cupcake Hand Cream

Everyone loves cupcakes. (If this statement doesn’t apply to you then you definitely ought to seek counseling or medical attention.) As much as we’d all like to eat cupcakes 24/7, that’s just not really possible or wise. Therefore, cupcake-inspired toiletries such as Cupcake Toothpaste, Cupcake Lip Balm and Cupcake Hand Cream give us a way to get our daily cupcake fix without becoming prematurely diabetic.

Cupcake Hand Cream

  • Hand cream in a cupcake shaped jar
  • Scents: cherry, strawberry and vanilla
  • Net wt. 0.6 oz (18 ml)
  • Size: 2-1/2″ dia. x 2″ (6 cm dia. x 5 cm)

When your hands smell as though they’ve been working at Magnolia Bakery all their lives, everyone will want to be your BFF. You’ll get random people kissing your hand. Dogs will approach you, and you might find yourself gnawing on your hands on occasion. Cupcakes are the new love potion #9, in case you didn’t know.

With the delicious scents of cherry, strawberry and vanilla, it’s pretty hard to choose. Therefore, you might want to get them all. Once you exhaust your supply of hand cream, the containers will still serve useful to stash small objects, or you could refill them with other hand creams and good-smelling products. The cupcakes will look scrumptious sitting on your desk, vanity, nightstand, bathroom, or any place that could use a little sugar.

To buy Cupcake Hand Cream, go to where they are $7.95 each. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out all their other cupcake merchandise to matchy match.

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