Cthulhu Mints

Cthulhu Mints

I don’t know what Cthulhu’s breath smells like, but it can’t be very good. If these Cthulhu Mints are good enough for him, I really hope they’re strong enough to freshen your breath. (Or at least that’s what you’ll say when you offer your friends a mint.) Each of these collectible tins includes 100 breath mints.

Is your breath so horrific it’d wake Cthulhu himself? Got a H.P. Lovecraft fan with breath so horrific it’s like from something dead but dreaming?

Don’t anger the Great Old Ones – send halitosis to hell with these Cthulhu breath mints. Ah, horror has never tasted so good!

Cthulhu Mints are on sale for $2.95 a tin at Neatoshop.

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