Creeperz! Monster Head Stress Balls

Creeperz! Monster Head Stress Ball

At GeekAlerts we tend to favor things that are sleek, sophisticated, or cute, and these Creeperz! Monster Head Stress Balls are none of the above. However, they are certainly unique and the type of stress ball suitable for a geek. I could imagine as a child using something like these Creeperz to gross out girls.

These colorful squeezable monster heads are stress balls in the shape of creepy twisted creatures. What makes them especially gross as that when you squeeze these stress balls nasty things like worms, cockroaches, rats, blood, and brains pop out of their mouth, eyes, or head.

Beyond use as a stress ball, Creeperz also work as toys that you can bounce, toss and catch. They also work as unique office decor or as a desktop conversation starter.

Creeperz Monster Head Stress Balls

Sold individually or in a set of four, Creeperz! Monster Stress Ball Heads come in 4 totally unique versions: Bulge (Red), Screwed (Purple), Scrappy (Blue), and Eye Carumba (Green). Each toy ball is 3″ in diameter.

Creeperz! Monster Head Stress Balls are available for $3.95 each at

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