Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set

Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set

Are you so colorful that you could make a box of crayons jealous? If so, the Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set is the box you’ll need when you just can’t decide on one color.

In the box you get eight fabulous nail shades that are so vivid that even those with colorblindness might start seeing colors like never before. Slightly overshadowing actual crayons, each nail polish brings more bling with tons of glitter, shimmer or shine. You can paint each nail a different shade, or you can stick with a single color per week. There are no rules when it comes to crayons.

Crayola Nail Polish Set

Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set
Our childhoods were defined by Crayola crayons. They were status symbols, learning tools and just darn fun. This super cute box of mini nail polish makes us wax nostalgic, but also provides us with some seriously colorful nail situations. Includes eight bottles in your favorite colors. Each bottle is 0.07 fl oz. Box measures 4.25″x5.75″x1.5″

Go to FredFlare to buy the Mini Nail Polish Set for $12.

Another GA nail polish favorite that was spotted on FredFlare is Happy Birthday Nail Polish, which features glitter in every color in the rainbow.

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